Raleigh students developing new app

February 18, 2017 by  

Middle school students at Raleigh’s Hilburn Academy are getting some help on their app, which makes it possible to track Wake County school buses.

A news story about the students’ effort caught the eye of a tech company in Charlotte, which has stepped with an offer of help.

MapAnything, the company that offered its assistance, is working with the young people via video conference calls. MapAnything’s Noah Parrish said that in all his professional life, he has never worked with a team this young and this well qualified.

The students recently met with the Wake County Public School System’s transportation director to discuss their idea. They hope to come up with a pilot app that will be able to track both multiple buses and stops they make for Hilburn Academy. If their system works, they would like to expand it to cover all the public school buses in the county.

Michelle Bass, their teacher, says she hopes the work will lead to the students developing themselves. She hopes they will think about college, and what potential careers they might have. Working with a mentor and seeing a project come to fruition could encourage them to understand they have a bright future.

Efforts like this can benefit if mentors work with a newsletter printing company, which can create a community newsletter about projects, and the work of people like the students.