Popup shop set to reopen soon

May 30, 2017 by  

American Girl, a popular brand of dolls, opened a store in Raleigh from October through November, 2016, to test the market. The store, which was in Crabtree Valley Mall, was a success, leading American Girl to decide to open a popup store in the same spot.

The new venture will occupy 5,500 square feet in the mall’s lower level, near Sears, where it was located before. Brian Asbill, who is the center’s marketing director, said people ask about the American Girl dolls frequently, so he is happy to be able to tell them the store is reopening.

The giant Mattel, Inc., owns American Girl in its entirety. However, Mattel has not said whether or not it plans to open a larger, permanent spot in Raleigh. The closest store is a full-service location in Charlotte, which offers 12,000 square feet to its customers. It includes a doll spa and hair salon, a bistro that offers full service, doll displays, and a retailer that handles sales of the dolls.

American Girl has created dolls that represent different periods in history, such as Josefina Montoya, a Latina from 1834; and Addy Walker, an African-American doll from 1864.

The American Girl popup will open in July 2017 and remain open through January 2018. Stores like this can benefit by working with flyer printing companies, which can create a handout, perhaps containing a special offer, to invite people to visit.