Popular Raleigh pub reopens in new location

November 9, 2016 by  

Tir na Nog, a popular Irish pub that closed a year ago after 18 years, is getting set to reopen a few steps away from its previous location.

Annie Britton-Nice, who managed the pub and is arguably the heart of the Irish community in Raleigh, made the announcement recently.

After Tir na Nog closed, Britton-Nice never gave up on the possibility of reopening the establishment. As she researched the problem, she organized a number of pop-up events at bars and restaurants in the area, all put on in the Tir na Nog style. She also kept looking for a new space, and met Darren Bridges, a partner in London Bridge Pub. Bridges’ pub had just acquired an extension, and they agreed the extension would be the perfect place to open the new Tir na Nog.

The new space will resemble the old pub very closely. The painter who decorated the original pub will be hired to do the painting in the new pub so it has the same color scheme. The new location will offer live music the same as the old one did, showcasing Irish bands and dancers, as well as local bluegrass and rock.

Tir na Nog’s new kitchen will not be up and running until late in December, so food trucks will be invited to provide food for hungry pub-goers.

Establishments like these can benefit by using banners, which add a festive air to opening celebrations.