New attraction for the state fair

September 25, 2016 by  

The North Carolina State Fair doesn’t open until October, but a new, permanent attraction is being readied now. The State Fair Flyer is a cable car system that will take riders on a 1,400 foot ride across the fairgrounds, 40 feet in the air, giving them an unparalleled view.

There are 126 seats on the chair lift, which are hung from a cable. The system is similar to the chair lifts found at ski areas throughout the world. This one was built by American Sky Lifts, which also owns it. Construction of the attraction, which started in June, is almost done, and on Thursday, September 15, the machine was taken to the fairgrounds.

Once there, it was inspected by state experts, who looked at the safety systems in place in case of cable derailment or a loss of power. They also went over every bolt and nut on the ride. The ride moves at a stately two miles per hour, and riders are held in with lap restraints.

Inspector Tommy Petty said the ride was obviously built with public safety in mind. Petty is the Deputy Chief of the Elevators and Amusements Bureau, and he’s responsible for inspecting chair lifts state-wide. One of the perks of his job is being among the first to ride the Flyer.

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