Historic Raleigh lodge to reopen

May 20, 2018 by  

Daniel Robinson, a hotel developer based in Durham, and singer Tift Merritt are partnering in an effort to reopen the historic Gables Motel Lodge, which is located in the Mordecai neighborhood of Raleigh.

At present, the pair are doing their due diligence, and considering how to redevelop the lodge, which will require a zoning change.

Robinson owns the Durham Hotel, and thus has experience in running a lodging facility. He says he would like to give visitors to Raleigh who stay at the Gables a unique experience, and did not rule out the possibility of adding others to the group as co-owners.

The Gables Motel Lodge dates back to 1925, and was first a home, and was then expanded to accommodate guests. It is located on U.S. Highway 1, which runs through the Mordecai neighborhood, and was once a main north-south route between Florida and New York. Before Interstate 95 opened, travelers going between the two regions of the country would often stop in Raleigh, and hotels in the city catered to those motorists.

The lodge comprises three buildings that sit on a half-acre lot. Among them, the three have 19 bedrooms and 13 baths; there is also a two-car garage on the property. The inn blends into the neighborhood, which has many older homes.

Projects like this can benefit if developers work with a brochure printing company to create booklets that show the facility in detail.