First Raleigh food hall nears completion

June 27, 2017 by  

Food halls are becoming more and more popular, and now one is getting set to open in Raleigh. The concept of a food hall is a version of communal dining: several restaurants open together in one area, so that patrons can choose selections from as many eateries as they like.

Tenants who are already committed to opening in the food hall include City Sushi, Boba Brew, Ginger and Soy, Oak City Fish and Chips, Sasool, and Raleigh Raw. They will be joined by Cousins Maine Lobster, which is opening its first storefront here. Also opening soon are Bella’s Wood Fired Pizza, which will serve small tapas plates as well as pizza, as well as Wicked Taco and Raleigh Rolls. The latter of these is exploring another new concept – scooping ice cream into rolls, putting the rolls in a cup, and drizzling on a topping.

Makus Empanadas will serve the popular Argentinean dish of empanadas, which are a stuffed pastry filled with fillings like sweetcorn or pork chimichurri. Carroll’s Kitchen will open its second spot here as well. Carroll’s is a nonprofit company that offers job training and employment opportunities to women from throughout the community, hoping to end homelessness.

The food hall hopes to open sometime in August this year. Developers of new eateries often work with a flyer printing company to create a piece for visitors.