Shaklee nutrition conference comes to Long Beach

February 21, 2014 by  

The sunny city of Long Beach in California will host the Shaklee Live 2014 conference this summer. The top performers with the health supplement company will be acknowledged and rewarded at the event.

In addition to the recognition programs, there will be over 30 hours of workshops offering hands-on training at the week-long conference. Attendees will meet up with other representatives and managers as well as learn about opportunities to increase status, income and positioning.

The Shaklee Corporations manufactures and distributes natural nutritional products including supplements, weight-management and beauty products, as well as household items. The global company is based in Pleasanton and has operations across Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, and Malaysia.

The event schedule will include Masters Advisory Board meeting with future masters’ leadership training and Shaklee Live.

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The Shaklee Live 2014 conference will take place August 13-17. Visit the Shaklee website for complete information including registration, travel and hotel details, and event schedules.