Possible deal to restore boatyard underway

January 16, 2014 by  

Stamford officials have given Building and Land Technology a cease-and-desist order on the demolition of a South End boatyard around Bateman Way and Dyke Lane.

They want the developer to restore it instead and will only allow the developer to update the land to benefit the environment. BLT is currently appealing the decision as they planned to build the headquarters for Westport hedge fund Bridgewater Associates; an 850,000 square foot project.

According to Thomas Mills of the Zoning Board, BLT’s plans for the boatyard will not pass unless they demonstrate a substantially beneficial way to use the property. Stamford’s Zoning Board of Appeals will hear BLT’s appeal during a public hearing on Wednesday at 7pm. The hearing will be at the Stamford Government Center on the fourth floor.

If they fail to create such a plan, they will be fined by the city. The city may or may not impose another fine for the demolition they have already done.

Mills claims that BLT has yet to release their plans about the boatyard. They have only put in their application.

City officials are working with BLT to come up with a compromise. They hope BLT will agree to build their headquarters at another location. They are starting with making sure the desires of both parties are understood.

If BLT restores the boatyard, the city will need multiple signs labeling the boatyard and posting regulations. It may be a good idea for a run of poster printing to propose their services early.