Plans for powering Cedar Park’s future

January 28, 2014 by  

Suggested plans for a new power distribution hub to answer the growing electrical requirements in parts of Cedar Park and Leander will require some finesse to implement.

Williamson County has experienced a dramatic increase in power requirements over the last ten years, a trend that is expected to continue according to a report presented last month. However, increasing the supply of available power involves securing a suitable location after first gaining the support of local government.

During the summers between 2002 and 2012, the eight power stations in the areas of Cedar Park and Leander experienced a peak load increase of 96%. According to the report the “high load growth” regions are too far from existing power stations.

A new power station is expected to cost about 51 million and be finished in 2018. So far, LCRA is considering 12 possibilities for the route of their new power lines. Their number one pick runs from Oncor station to the suggested RM 1431/Parmer Lane station and on to Leander’s Hero Way station.

The city has other plans for the new station site; it is considered a prime location for an entertainment facility. Williamson County officials have suggested an alternative route for the lines with a substation at the Cedar Park- Leander border. Often, when public officials and a utility are at odds they take their case to the public via the distribution of printed materials. Engaging brochure printers to provide all stakeholders with the relevant information may be what city officials and the utility will want to do in this case.