New mayor inaugurated in Beverly

January 25, 2014 by  

Mike Cahill was recently sworn in as the new mayor of Beverly in an inauguration ceremony at Beverly High School.

Most likely a variety of printing services were used to announce the inauguration which also featured music performed by the Beverly High School Jazz and String Ensemble and the Vocal Ensemble of Beverly High School.

In his inauguration speech, Cahill promised to open the government of the city so the public can be more involved and to maintain its economic growth. He said the city is one where people are raised and often stay or return as its parks and open spaces, good schools and its coastal location are features that need to be protected so as to encourage people who do leave to come back.

Cahill plans increase funding for businesses and grants, streamline services in the city and focus on a greater good for the public that would be beneficial for upcoming generations in the city. He wants to ensure that there will always be safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, a strong economy that can provide employment and tax revenues, open spaces, clean air and safe drinking water and a city where people are always looking after each other.

He commented that this is both an exciting time and one that is critically important for Beverly and he encouraged all of its citizens to contribute to the town and its government by either volunteering or getting in touch with him at his office or throughout the city.