Make the most of trade show opportunities

February 18, 2012 by  

With proper planning and preparation, trade shows are a good marketing tool for small businesses in and around Torrance. However, without adequate planning and materials, a trade show can be a time drain with little reward. Six months out is minimum time needed to strategize and implement an effective trade show presence. Things to consider in putting together an effective trade show appearance include:

Identify your goals: Who is the intended audience? Do you expect to make sales on the floor, or generate leads to follow up, or network and learn from other industry leaders?

Research trade shows: What audience do different shows reach? What are the costs involved for travel, fees, display preparation and setup, staffing?

Book show and booth location: Early bookings result in better booth locations. Look for space near the front entrance or the bathrooms. The center of the room, or ends of aisles, also get good foot traffic.

Prepare display and handouts: Consult with local Torrance printing companies for banner printing, postcard printing, flyer printing, and any other printing services you will need.

Advertise your appearance: Update company website with trade show schedule and add trade show appearances to brochures. Include a banner or poster in the customer service area to advertise upcoming trade show appearances.

It’s also a good idea to do a postcard printing and mailing a few weeks before the show to alert clients or potential clients of the event. Encourage guests to bring their postcard to your booth in return for a discount or promotional gift. By collecting these postcards you can track interest and provide timely client follow-ups.