Gallery near Pineville celebrates 30th anniversary

February 19, 2014 by  

The Jerald Melberg Gallery, located in Charlotte, of which Pineville is a suburb, recently announced that this year marks its 30th anniversary. It will be celebrating this at the weekend.

Melberg founded the gallery in Charlotte as he believed it would be a hub for his client base and show his passion for art. He also operates the gallery more like a museum with the focus on art for art’s sake and the intention of enabling collectors to deepen their understanding about art and enrich their approach towards art.

So as to give back to the city for all that it has done for Melberg, he is planning to do something special to mark this milestone of 30 years. He is planning a lecture series for the year that will bring well-known artists from around the world to Charlotte to provide educational seminars to the public. No doubt he is turning to a variety of printing services to let the community become aware of these events.

In addition, the Gallery will be hosting an exhibition celebrating its anniversary with works of art done by every artist which is represented in Gallery. These artists include Romare Bearden, Wolf Kahn, Hans Hoffmann, Robert Motherwell, and Esteban Vicente. The exhibition will open on Saturday, February 22, and include a panel discussion with these and additional artists from the gallery. The exhibition will be closed on April 26.