Poster Printing

Posters are everywhere you look. You cannot walk through a shopping center, a rail station or airport without being visually accosted by posters in windows and on display boards. Posters are a cost effective way for a business to advertise.

Individuals who have a favorite photograph can have them blown up into a poster for hanging on a wall in their home. A wedding photograph, newborn baby, or family photograph are the most popular photographs to be blown up and made into a poster.

Poster printing can come in a selection of stock sizes from A5 up to 60” wide and are available in square, rectangular, or panoramic formats. Bespoke poster printing is available but not all poster printers offer this service because it can be quite expensive compared to the cost of stock size posters and createz a lot of extra work for the printers, which will be reflected in the price they quote.

Poster printing can be for indoor or outdoor use and a wide variety of materials are used in the production of posters including photographic paper, UV inks, lamination, and they can be supplied with or without frames.

Some of the more popular types of poster printing available are:

  • Gloss Finish Posters
  • Matt Finish Posters
  • Satin Finish Posters
  • Laminated Posters – glossy finish and laminated
  • Sticky Vinyl Posters – gloss finish with sticky peel back applied
  • Backlit Posters – satin finish for backlit poster boxes
  • Window Cling Posters – no need for lamination ideal for inside of windows
  • Tuff to Tear Posters – gloss finish – matt lamination to 1 side
  • Contravision Posters – satin finish – optically clear laminate applied – suitable for outside of windows
  • Blueblack Posters – printed on BlueBlack paper – semi-matt finish – excellent watertight billboard paper with high impenetrability
  • Billboard Posters – printed on BlueBlack paper suitable for outdoor use on billboards

Poster printing is one of the specialized techniques in the printing industry and requires a large investment in machinery, especially for the larger billboard size posters. A professional poster printing company will not only have the necessary machinery but also staff that are knowledgeable and experienced and can advise customers on the right type of poster for their requirements.

Individuals who have suitable software on their computers and a printer that can cope can print posters, but most people will need the services of a printer for something larger than an A4 size poster. However, businesses that require posters on a regular, or even on a one off basis, will need the services of a professional poster printer. Poster printing in a store window or outside the store will reflect on that business so it is essential that the spelling and grammar are correct so that the right impression is created.

Posters large and small are used to advertise almost everything that is manufactured with consumers in mind from food to cars, from vitamins to washing machines. They are also used for information purposes such as music events, holidays, local services, and government notices.