The Middle Ages return this summer

June 10, 2017 by  

The Sherwood Robin Hood Festival is taking place next month over three days.

The festival will be filled with people in period costume who will show the public what life in Medieval England might have been like and to celebrate the days of Robin Hood.

There will be a vendor village set up that will feature arts and crafts, general merchandise and a variety of fun activities. There will be a knighting ceremony, sword fighting and Taekwondo demonstrations.

The “Robin Hood Lives” parade will be an opportunity for participants to show off their costumes and to celebrate. There will be musical entertainment from artists like the Nash Brothers, the 99W Band and the Sherwood Renaissance Singers. There will also be performances from Kalimba, the Spirit of Earth, Wind and Fire, the Sherwood Dance Academy and BJ the Clown.

The 62nd International Archery Tournament is also being during the festival at Edy Ridge Elementary School; it features archers from Sherwood and Nottingham, England.

Visitors from all over the area, including nearby Portland, will likely find out about the festival through print advertising provided by a local stationery printing firm.

The Sherwood Robin Hood Festival will be held from July 14 to 16. Admission is free of charge. To get more information about the festival or to become a sponsor, call 503-625-4233.