Entrepreneur exports Oregon pickups to Guatemala

December 27, 2017 by  

Francisco Lopez has begun selling Toyota pickups purchased in Portland to customers in Guatemala.

Lopez has a business partner who is resident in Portland, and this sort of cross-nation trade can make custom business cards of great value.

The firm Importer Lopez has been up and running for over a decade, and the nephew of Mr. Lopez is an experienced mechanic. Lopez told the News-Review:

“We have this opportunity and privilege to have a travel Visa, and this gives us the ability to come here and buy the cars. In Guatemala, it’s a market that has a lot of prestige.”

A pickup that would change hands for $2,000 in Oregon can fetch about $5,500 in Guatemala. Lopez likes to purchase vehicles made in the last century, as these can be bought at auction. Despite their age, he says they are usually highly reliable machines, which matters because Lopez takes the pickups on a journey of 4,000 miles.

Lopez gets three or four pickups on each expedition, and his small team can link them together with pieces of metal. Although Lopez does not speak English fluently, he has no difficulties doing business in the United States.

The well-traveled Lopez takes in Texas, Washington, and California within his trade, but he tries to avoid states with a cooler climate. Responses to cold weather have the potential to corrode the undersides of trucks.