Renovations underway at former Box Bar in Plymouth

January 17, 2018 by  

After three quarters of a century in business, the Box Bar in Plymouth closed its doors for good last month.

The very next day, the building that housed the establishment was sold to new owners. Those new owners, Ron Cook and Paul Salloum, plan on opening an Italian restaurant in the space by the beginning of May.

Companies who plan on opening a new establishment in the location of a long-established restaurant can use banners to keep locals up to date on the progress.

Cook, one of the new restaurant’s co-owners, told Plymouth Hometown Life that people in town are very curious about what’s going on. He said:

“I can’t walk down the street without people stopping me and asking me what’s going on.”

Originally, the plan was to keep the Box Bar open through January, at least until the end of the annual Ice Festival. However, the owners decided that it would be more efficient to begin renovating the space right away.

While the Italian restaurant, Bigalora Wood-Fired Cucinca is likely to open in May, the co-owners are facing difficulty getting the licensing needed for a brewery at the same location. The Italian restaurant will be taking over the Box Bar’s liquor license, but the brewery will need its own separate license. The town has a limit of 25 liquor licenses and all of them are currently in use.