Plymouth cops distribute candy at traffic stops

August 8, 2017 by  

A traffic stop does not normally signal good news, but for hundreds of kids in Plymouth, getting stopped by a police officer is a sign that they are doing something right.

Local police have started issuing “tickets” to young kids whom they see wearing a helmet while riding a bike.

The “tickets” aren’t like usual traffic tickets, though; instead of coming with a fine or a warning, they include a voucher for candy or ice cream. The aim of the vouchers/tickets is to reward kids who practice bike safety by wearing their helmets.

The vouchers are good for either an ice cream from the Dairy King, or a candy from the Alpine Chocolat Haus. The idea for the program came from the Kiwanis Club of Colonial Plymouth. Perhaps with the help of a printing company, the organization produced 300 vouchers, splitting the cost of the printing with Alpine Chocolat Haus and the Dairy King.

Speaking about the voucher program, Tom Tiderington, the police chief, said:

“This is a great way for our officers to interact with kids in a positive way. It’s a win-win situation for all.”

The program lets officers recognize and reward kids who are following the rules. It also, according to Dr. Richard Schubatis, the chair of the youth services committee for the Kiwanis Club, creates opportunities for teachable moments when police see kids who aren’t wearing helmets or following the rules of the road.

The club gave the Plymouth township and Plymouth city police departments 135 vouchers each. The area Salvation Army received the rest.