Plymouth authorities weigh pros and cons of paid parking

February 23, 2018 by  

A committee in Plymouth has a tough choice to make – whether to charge drivers to park in the downtown area, or add a special assessment for property owners in downtown Plymouth.

The issue comes up as the town faces a drop in funding to pay for projects in the downtown area, as well as ongoing competition for parking spaces. Whatever the committee chooses, it will need to keep the economic health of the town in mind, according to Oliver Wolcott, the mayor of Plymouth and a member of the committee.

Speaking to Plymouth Hometown Life, Wolcott said:

“The vibrancy of our downtown not only allows our businesses to thrive and grow. It’s also good for our property values.”

Towns and officials who face a big decision can use printing services to create a poll and get the opinions of residents. Plymouth’s situation is somewhat unique in that it has fewer than 1,000 parking spaces and a need for more. At the same time, the balance of the town’s Downtown Development Authority is only $600,000. Estimates predict that most of the balance (around $500,000) will be used up this year to repair a 280-spot parking deck.

Members of the committee stated that they are open to discussing all of the options in full and coming to a decision that works for as many people as possible.