Pittsburgh event will teach the art of oyster shucking 

December 19, 2017 by  

Shucking oysters is a skill that can take a lot of practice to perfect, and during a Pittsburgh event, attendees will have a change to learn the secrets of shucking success.

Those who attend Shucking Class 101, which is being hosted by Muddy Waters Oyster Bar will get some hands on experience in opening oysters. The participants will learn the art of shucking using safe techniques, as they do, they will have an opportunity to sample the different varieties of this shellfish and how it can be cultivated using methods that are kind to the environment.

Those who purchase regular tickets for the afternoon will each receive 18 oysters to shuck and then eat as well as two glasses of sparkling wine to enjoy as they work. Anyone who would prefer the “ Bad Mother Shucker” option will receive all of this plus their very own shucking knife and an assortment of specially selected Muddy Waters Swag. Branded ad specialties such as these can be crafted by a printer in the local area.

The afternoon, which will be dedicated to the art of opening oysters safely, will be taking place on January 13th starting at 3:00 pm sharp. It will be facilitated by Shuck Noris and his team of shellfish experts, and more details can be obtained by contacting he organizers through the restaurant’s Facebook page.