Pittsburgh crafting class to offer a touch of spring

February 24, 2018 by  

A crafting session will soon be offered to anyone in Pittsburgh who would like to learn how to convert recycled wool clothing into a wearable work of art.

The students in the workshop will work with a kit of supplies to create a pin decorated with leaves and bright yellow daffodils that they can wear. It will be facilitated by Nan Loncharich, who has a lot of experience in producing a variety of crafts.

The organizers noted that the session is suitable for beginners, and the kits will be sold for $8 each. They contain wool fabric that has been dyed by hand, glue, wire, floral tape, and wool scraps that will be used to make the leaves and buds. The participants are required to bring sharp scissors, a sewing needle, neutral thread, and wire cutters, if they have them.

The class will be offered at The Artsmiths of Pittsburgh, and the registration fee will be $40 each. A minimum of four students will be required for the session to be held. A printer will be able to utilize graphic design techniques to craft an assortment of marketing materials that can be used for this type of learning event.

This spring-themed crafting event has been planned for April 7. Anyone who would like to register or learn more about it can do so on the host’s website.