Phoenix Zoo to showcase the importance of conservation

December 29, 2016 by  

One of the functions of the Phoenix Zoo is the conservation of endangered species and habitats, and during an upcoming event, the public will have an opportunity to find out more about this work.

Conservation Science Night will offer a chance for visitors to directly engage in hands-on conservation activities, as well as meet with scientists who work in the field. There will be displays and other information that outlines the zoo’s efforts to protect wildlife, and visitors will be able to ask any questions they might have. Brochures and other promotional products can be created for a special event such as this by a printing services provider.

Several stations will be set up where people can try their hand at different conservation activities including counting snails, observing Mount Graham red squirrels and recording and reporting their findings, or locating an animal using radio telemetry. They can also take a pledge to support conservation, both in their own local community and further afield as well.

There will be no admission price charged to attend the event, but anyone who is interested is asked to register ahead of time.

Phoenix Zoo’s Conservation Science Night will be held on February 17 from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm. Those who would like to register can do so by calling 602.914.4333 or by visiting the zoo’s website.