Phoenix residents invited to show their love for local

June 3, 2017 by  

Early this summer, Phoenix residents are invited to “go local” and find out more about what their city’s independent businesses have to offer them all year round.

During Independents Week, which is being hosted by Local First Arizona, Phoenix merchants will be showcasing all they have at their disposal. The public is strongly encouraged to patronize and support locally owned small businesses as much they possibly can, and it will be part of a statewide celebration of independent companies that help to keep the state’s economy going strong.

According to the organizers, hundreds of businesses and thousands of people are expected to participate in this effort, and it could provide a big boost to area companies. To help ensure it is a success, it is offering a special coupon that can be used to give them a 20% discount at participating businesses all across Arizona. An area printing services provider can be called upon to produce a variety of branded promotional items for a special event such as this.

This statewide effort that celebrates the movement to support local companies has been planned for the week of July 1 until July 9. Both the golden ticket savings coupons and also a full listing of the locally based enterprises that have chosen to participate, have been added to the Local First Arizona website.