Phoenix invites visitors to experience the desert after dark

May 6, 2017 by  

The desert can be a very different place in the night compared to in the day, and Phoenix residents and visitors alike are invited to attend a walk that will give them a chance to experience the desert after dark.

Starting in late May, the Desert Botanical Garden will be hosting twice weekly flashlight tours of its grounds. The self-paced tour will bring participants face to face with the nocturnal creatures that call the garden home, and over ten different discovery stations will be set up. Walkers can stop at the tarantula, scorpion, and desert tortoise stations to learn more about these animals and the role they play in the environment.

Those who plan on coming the gardens for a nighttime tour are reminded to bring along their flashlight, and according to the organizers, it is a family friendly function and a perfect choice for those with younger children. Signage and other materials can be supplied for events such as this by a local printing services provider.

The Desert Botanical Garden’s flashlight tours will begin on May 27 and run until September 2. Additional tickets are not required to take part, as the admission price is included as a benefit of membership, and it is also free for those who purchased a full price admission to the facility. More information can be found on the Visit Phoenix website.