Phoenix activity to help connect children with the area’s past

February 5, 2017 by  

Many children are fascinated by archeology, and at an event that will soon be taking place in Phoenix, they will have a chance to try their hand and it for themselves.

The Pueblo Grande Museum and Archeological Park has organized the activity, which is geared towards those ages 7 to 12. They will have an opportunity to take part in a simulated dig and search for artifacts at Hohokam pit house, and will learn an assortment of skills while they do so.

During this hands-on program, participants will discover how to identify the pieces they find and also how they can provide information about the cultures that existed in the area in the past. A printing services provider can be called on by the organizers of a children’s activity such as this to supply T-shirts, name tags, lanyards, and other items for each young person who participates.

Parents who plan on registering their child are asked to do so ahead of time, as there are a limited number of spaces available. The fee to do so has been set at $15 for each participant, with a discount available for members of the museum.

Archeology for Kids has been scheduled for April 1 at the museum, which is located at 4619 E. Washington St. in Phoenix. Those who wish to find out more can do so on the Visit Phoenix website for additional details.