New tour to give sneak peek into the life of Rossen House

March 5, 2017 by  

Phoenix’s Heritage Square has initiated a new tour that will give up to six members of the public at a time an opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at Rossen House.

The docent-led tour will take the guests into areas of the home that most people never get to see, such as its attic and closets. Dubbed “the nooks and crannies tour”, those who take part will also learn about the hidden history of the site which, according to its organizers, is full of surprises and secrets that had been kept out of the public’s eye.

Once the tour of the house is over, the attendees will be invited to share a drink and light refreshments at Nobuo, which is part of the award winning Teeter House Restaurant. The cost for this is included in the ticket price, and due to the city’s fire regulations, the group will be limited to just six people. A print company can produce an assortment of materials that can market an event like this to the community.

The ticket price for this new museum activity, which has been scheduled for March 9, is $30.00 each. It will take place at 115 North Sixth Street in Phoenix, and anyone who is interested in taking part in the Trunks and Treasures tour is invited to visit the Phoenix New Times website for more details.