Art studio tour comes to the Valley

November 18, 2016 by  

To close out November, residents of the Valley (foothills of Phoenix) and of other close communities will have the chance to partake in Arizona’s longest-running artists’ studio tour.

The annual Hidden in the Hills Artist Studio Tour and Sale takes place every year and it is an organizational effort to increase artistic awareness, which is believed to be central to wellbeing in life.

The event is a free, self-guided tour that is presented by the Sonoran Arts League, a nonprofit organization that aims to advance art through events, education, and activities. It is held on the two weekends that sandwich Thanksgiving, and it gives visitors an opportunity to converse with, connect with, and glean insight from over 185 fine artists, from 47 different studio locations, who specialize in sundry genres of art. These artists might benefit from business card printing that could further promote their works.

The artists include drawers, painters, sculptors, polishers, carvers, welders, and photographers, many of whom will be onsite creating more original pieces and instructing art patrons, enthusiasts, and serious collectors about their methods, techniques, and tools of the trade. Visitors will be able to make their purchases directly from the artists.

It all begins today November 18, from 10:00am until 5:00pm, at the Desert Foothills Park, located at 1010 South Marketplace Way in Phoenix.