Petaluma workshop will teach how to shine even under stress

April 21, 2018 by  

Today’s world can sometime prove to be stressful place, and a Petaluma workshop will teach those who participate a variety of ways they can learn to become more resilient and even thrive under pressure.

The event will focus on the Community Resilience Model, which is based upon the way the body reacts to traumatic experiences and other stress. It will provide instruction in ways people can find new methods for improving their sense of wellbeing while recognizing signs that they may be becoming overwhelmed, so they can stop these feelings before they really have a chance to get started.

The planner of the workshop noted that these techniques have been taught all over the world, and can be used at any time and almost anywhere. Anyone who is interested will have an opportunity to sign up for additional sessions so they can build on what they have been taught should they wish to do so.

The registration fee to be a part of the class starts at $80 and anyone who is interested will need to sign up ahead of time. Learning materials for an event like this can be sourced from print shops in the area.

The workshop has been planned for Saturday, May 5 at 74th Street in Petaluma. Its organizer’s Facebook page can be consulted for further details.