Parker redevelopment authority gets new name

February 7, 2018 by  

Partnering for Parker’s Progress, or P3, will be the new name for the Parker Authority for Reinvestment, which is the urban renewal authority for the town.

The goal is that the new name will demonstrate a renewed sense of commitment to the community, as P3 rolls out a new strategic plan.

Redevelopment manager of P3, Weldy Feazell, said that residents and businesses in Parker were asked for their feedback on the previous name and many felt that it did not communicate what the purpose of the organization was and what it was trying to do. P3 will now have a new user-friendly and up-to-date website that will be available on all types of media, she says.

Feazell added that another reason for the name change was to help residents better understand the goals of the organization. She believes there are many areas of the town that need reinvestment and redevelopment, particularly older areas that require complete revamping and revitalization. She pointed out the Cottonwood King Soopers area, which has been neglected but could become a much better neighborhood with some work.

Director of P3, Jason Roberts, said that the change is more than a new name, but also is designed to demonstrate a commitment to being fiscally responsible and more accountable to the community.

Flyers are often used to publicize such changes and their resulting benefits to the community.