Veterans Day rally planned in Orlando

October 18, 2017 by  

The Florida Association of Veteran-Owned Businesses (FAVOB) is holding a rally following the parade on November 11.

The Red, White & Blue Veterans Day Rally, saluting the veterans of all branches of the military, is open for everyone that would like to attend. The organization holds the annual event as a way to show appreciation to friends and neighbors who have chosen to serve their country in this manner.

The event will include live music, a car and motorcycle show, and military vehicles on display. Thousands are drawn to the lively event each year and vendors are encouraged to rent a booth and take advantage of this opportunity to gain new customers. Patriotic promotional products and banners are sure to be seen during the course of the event.

FAVOB is the veteran’s Chamber of Commerce and an advocate for veterans with entrepreneurial interests. It efforts are directed at giving all veteran-run businesses the chance to compete in the Florida marketplace. Those interested can visit the website to learn more about what the organization does, or for information about becoming a vendor or sponsor for the event.

The rally takes place on November 11 at The Ace Cafe Orlando on 100 West Livingston Street. It will run from 9:00 am until after midnight, with the live music beginning at 1:00 pm.