Unidentified visitors seen in skies over Orlando

January 20, 2017 by  

An Orlando helicopter pilot recorded footage of something strange in the sky over his Orlando home.

Orlando is a popular destination for many tourists, but no one expected them to come quite this far to see the sights. A helicopter pilot recorded video on his cell phone of something unusual he spotted flying an estimated 1,500 feet in the air over the city. The incident was released to the public as Case 81052 by MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

The event happened late in the afternoon of December 18th and was reported to MUFON the following day. The witness stated the craft was too low in the sky to be a commercial aircraft. The video shows the cube-shaped subject in the sky before disappearing behind a cloud for several seconds. It then reemerges and eventually ascends into the clouds until it was no longer visible.

Experts agree the movements were not typical of any known passenger aircraft. It is suggested that the shape may be a drone due to its unique cube shape. The unidentified videographer is a certified helicopter pilot that could offer no other explanation of what the object could be.

Cube-shaped UFOs are unusual but have been reported in the past. The most notable of these past events is from NASA footage that shows a cube orbiting near the sun. The sighting and the video do boost the imagination regardless of whether or not the UFO is actually carrying alien passengers.

The report is an excellent reason for anyone to throw a UFO hunting party. Orlando residents can take advantage of the weather and invite their friends, family, and neighbors to join them for a few refreshments while scanning the night sky. Print up some invitations, hang a few banners and get ready to welcome the latest visitors to sunny Florida.