Public shows interest in Orlando flag revamp

June 13, 2017 by  

A contest to create a new flag for the city of Orlando began accepting submissions in early 2017. The announcement of the event led to over 1,000 submissions and much more in additional community interest as people commented and voted on the design they preferred most. The options were narrowed down as the flag committee reviewed submissions and selected the 10 designs they felt were the most appealing and appropriate.

The sample flags were even taken on a tour around the area as the competition heated up. The two top designs were then brought before the city council for discussion last week on June 9th. There has still been no announcement regarding the winner, but the public debate online has continued as many residents explain the reasons for their own preference.

Flags are an important symbol for many of the value of their organization, community or country but the interest in the contest is not only due to the love of flags. In general, people enjoy having some influence over everything in their lives. Business owners can use this to their advantage in many ways. Have customers help choose a new restaurant dish or the color of the company vans. Everyone will enjoy adding their opinion and seeing their choice put into place. It is a great way to boost relationships with others in the community while operating an enjoyable marketing campaign. Use direct mail printing, posters and other marketing services to get the word out and encourage excitement.

There has been no official announcement on which flag was chosen or when the new design will finally be raised. Flag enthusiasts and interested residents can visit the city council website or watch their Facebook page for updates.