Orlando wildflowers the topic of symposium discussion

September 15, 2017 by  

The ninth annual Florida Wildflower Symposium is designed to help attendees understand the vital ecological role of these beautiful blooms.

This opportunity is a unique chance for everyone to learn more about how important wildflowers are in supporting the wildlife population of Florida. It is the only educational symposium held in the state that is dedicated strictly to native wildflowers.

The two-day event, held by the Florida Wildflower Foundation, will offer a variety of activities including workshops, planting and growing presentations, and tours of local areas to see the wildflowers for themselves.

The educational workshops and lectures will help everyone in attendance to understand the importance of wildflowers to local bees, birds, and butterflies. Even larger creatures like deer and bears rely on flowers for their nutrition. The symposium will help guests learn which flowers are native to the state, as well as how to plant properly for the best result.

Local businesses, schools, and other organizations can help contribute to the cause of increasing wildflower awareness, perhaps by passing out regional wildflower seed packets as promotional products and distributing flyers detailing the importance of adding wildflowers to gardens.

The symposium will take place at the Orange County UF/IFAS Extension at 6021 South Conway Road in Orlando on September 22 and 23. Preregistration is required if planning to attend any of the field trips and many of the workshops. Some of the trips and programs are free and admission fees vary on all others. Lunches are available from Panera for $12 and must be ordered beforehand. Visit the symposium website for additional details and pricing information.