Orlando to inaugurate new department

August 19, 2016 by  

The City of Orlando plans to introduce a new transportation department next year with a budget of $45m.

According to the chief administrative office of the City, Byron Brooks, the new department was recommended by the mayor, Buddy Dyer, as a way to determine how best to deploy the transit resources in the city. Brooks determined that transit issues had become more prominent than they were several years ago.

Although the transportation department was disbanded 2011 once the renovation of Interstate 4 and the launch of Sunrail had been completed, it now needs to be resurrected as the city looks to expand the commuter rail system and make it more friendly to pedestrians. In addition, a transportation infrastructure will be required to handle the rise in population that is expected in upcoming years and decades.

There will be 168 people working in the department, 18 of whom will come from economic development and the remaining 149 of whom will be reassigned from public works. According to Brooks, these people on staff will have more specific priorities.

The department will be required to hire one new person, whose salary will be $140,000, according to a spokesperson from the city. Orlando may want to look into hiring a newsletter printing to inform the residents of the city and surrounding communities of the new department, and to post an ad for hiring for this new position.