Orlando theater makes audience part of the action

March 31, 2017 by  

Theatergoers at the Pointe Orlando may want to bring a rain jacket when they attend their next film.

The Regal Pointe Orlando 20 And IMAX is making the experience of seeing a movie more immersive than most audiences have ever experienced. The theater is debuting an upgrade that will not only make the audience believe that the action is coming off the screen as they do with 3D, but will even allow them to feel the atmosphere for themselves.

Fog, snow, and wind are some of the elements theatergoers can expect to experience as they watch the films. Air jets, moving seats, and leg ticklers will also help them to feel like they are on set. Attendees should expect to pay more than a traditional ticket fee to attend these productions. However, it is unlikely the price difference will discourage movie fans from taking part in a whole new experience.

While it is certainly not advisable for all Orlando businesses to begin hosing down their clientele in the hopes of increasing sales, it highlights the importance of innovative ideas and modernizations to every business. Any company making upgrades, adding new technology or providing new services must remember to inform their customers and potential customers of these changes, whether through company brochures or a direct mail printing campaign.