Orlando residents will soon have own volcano

January 20, 2017 by  

Universal Orlando has shared details about its new 200-foot Krakatau volcano.

Volcano Bay, the expansive Universal waterpark, is set to open in the summer of 2017. The centerpiece will operate as a lava-flowing volcano at night and an impressive waterfall during the day. The new park will include an additional 18 attractions and rental cabanas on the beach, and the mountain attracting so much attention will sit at the center of the 30-acre park. This development comes after a local water park, Wet ‘n wild, closed in 2016.

Many residents did not realize the waterpark adjacent to Universal was owned by the company. Wet ‘n Wild originally opened in 1977 and is believed to have been the first water park in America. Universal purchased the property in 2013 for $30.9 million. The closure was part of their expansion project and done to help focus attention on the new “water theme park” as it is described by Universal executives.
Area businesses may want to stock up on relevant promotional products such as beach towels, sun visors, and beach bags, which are always popular at waterparks such as these.

Universal has many plans for their new park including TapuTapu – a digital reservation system that allows visitors to reserve theme park rides and eliminate the need to wait in line. Many more rides and features are planned throughout 2017 and into 2018. This includes their sixth on-property hotel and many Nintendo-themed attractions. The company may choose to include some of these expansions on the bordering 50-acre property where Wet ‘n Wild once stood or they may take advantage of an additional 475-acres they own near their current location.