Disney makes early start to spooky season

July 21, 2017 by  

Walt Disney World Florida, located near Orlando, is planning to stretch out the Halloween season, beginning before the end of August.

The popular amusement park has announced the dates for ‘Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party’ and many summer visitors will be happy to know they can join in on the fun. The park is planning a number of unique events and has invited many special guests for the lengthy party that will all take place after dark on certain nights through the end of summer and start of fall.

The Sanderson Sisters from the Halloween-themed movie Hocus Pocus will host a celebration, a ghoulish barbershop quartet shows off its singing talent, and much more is planned to help keep everyone entertained. Guests are encouraged to wear costumes and take part in the park-wide trick-or-treating. Special meals and desserts have been selected for the event, as well as Halloween photo-ops available only during the party. Many of the park’s traditional attractions will remain open and a nightly fireworks show is also included.

This event is a convenient reminder for business owners to begin planning holiday sales and events early, which is who many businesses start designing holiday cards and arranging direct mail printing now.

Disney’s family-friendly party is open to everyone and will take place on select dates from August 25 through November 1. The party begins at 7:00 PM and ends with the fireworks display at midnight. The ticket prices start at $74 each for children and the nights when the party will take place are listed on the website.