Olympia event to shed a light into caves

April 12, 2017 by  

Caves hold a fascination for many people, and during an event being hosted by Olympia’s WET Science Center, the public is invited to come out and learn more about them and the creatures who call them home.

All manner of caves, ranging from ice caves to those under the sea, in the mountains and other locations, will be included in the exhibit. Visitors to the institution will be able to learn more about cave columns, and find out the difference between a stalagmite and a stalactite. They can also browse through the photos of the many creatures such as eyeless shrimp, blind flatworms, spiders, bats, and others that call one of these subterranean places home.

A presentation that addresses cave life will be held in the afternoon, and activities that are inspired by them will be made available to the public in the classroom throughout the day.

A family friendly event, all ages are welcome and encouraged to come out. A printing services provider will be able to supply signs and other materials that can help to make a function such as this even more of a success.

Life in the Dark: Exploring Caves will take place on May 6 in the WET Science Center, which can be found at 500 Adams Street NE in Olympia. Additional details, about this themed event can be obtained by visiting the Thurston Talk website.