Fun fermenting workshop planned for Olympia

August 5, 2017 by  

Some pickles, sauerkraut, and other condiments offer benefits to both the taste buds and body, and the public is welcome to come to an Olympia event that will explore the world of fermented foods.

Nicole Warren, who is a nutritional therapist with a strong background in microbiology, will facilitate the workshop that will outline the fermentation process and discuss the role that food produced using this technique can play in gut health. Those who attend this hands-on event will be invited to make theory own small batch of sauerkraut and learn about the varying flavors that can be produced by changing up the ingredients.

The organizer of the afternoon remarked that there will be lots of time for anyone with questions to ask them, and the goal is to have the function be both educational and fun. The ticket price for the session has been set at $7 each, and all are welcome. Booklet printing can be used to create simple books of recipes that can be given to each person who comes to an event like this.

This workshop, which will explore both the science and nutrition behind fermented foods, has been brought to the community courtesy of the Olympia Food Co-op. It has been scheduled for the afternoon of August 27, and it will run from 12:00 pm from 2:00 pm. Further details can be found on the co-op’s website.