Registration open for Olivette’s Citizen Police Academy

February 16, 2018 by  

Registration is now open to Olivette residents who are interested in attending the Citizen Police Academy.

This course, which is growing in popularity and is given by many municipalities across the country, gives attendees a chance to see first-hand how a police department operates.

The academy is an educational effort designed by the Olivette Police Department, in cooperation with several other area agencies. The goal of the course is to enhance understanding between residents of a community and its law enforcement officers, so that police and residents can help each other make the city safer.

The academy provides residents with a look at the way the criminal justice system works, as well as what a day is like for a police officer. The course uses a hands-on approach to help residents understand the intricacies of law enforcement.

The nine-week academy includes information on criminal and Constitutional law, use of force, traffic safety, and investigations, among other topics. Role-playing is used to help participants experience situations police might face in the course of their duties. The course culminates with participants being given the chance to ride along on a police patrol.

The course starts March 6, and interested residents can apply online, or by contacting the police for a form.

Organizers of this type of course could work with a flyer printing company to create appropriate materials for participants.