High finance comes to Oklahoma City

January 8, 2013 by  

CBRE Group, Inc. has opened a Capital Markets office in downtown Oklahoma City to serve both private and institutional investors in a wide variety of business financing. In an area that traditionally relies on established, distant financial centers for its supply of capital for major business ventures, no doubt many locals will consider it an exciting business development to have a major player put down roots close to home.

Chris Dunning, Senior V.P. and co-manager of the new branch, acknowledges the fact that many Oklahomans are, in his words:

“…not that familiar with the capital markets side of the business. It’s a big-city thing.”

Dunning maintains that as a result, much of his current job is networking and reinforcing the message that Oklahomans need no longer look to the horizons for investment capital when CBRE Group’s Oklahoma City office is only a short drive downtown and, wherever there is a story to tell, printing companies know a lot of ways to do it. Oklahoma City realty executive Ford Price adds:

“…Oklahoma City has moved up in the food chain in terms of how it is perceived by out of state investors, especially institutional investors.”

As Oklahoma edges steadily upward on the national financial charts, the presence of a major financial player such as CBRE Capital Markets may attract other large fish to the state’s no-longer-small financial pond. A growing financial industry requires usually a large number of printing services to prosper, with stationery printing, business card printing , and brochure printing all necessary components of an expanding business.