Warren Theater coming to Oklahoma City

March 23, 2017 by  

Oklahoma City is getting its first Warren Theatre, with final considerations for zoning by the city council beginning next Tuesday, March 28.

The theater will occupy prime real estate on Eastern Avenue, just off Kilpatrick Turnpike. Based out of Wichita, Kansas, the theaters are known for their luxury accommodations, including balcony lounges, heated recliners, and food and beverages served on demand. They also provide special showings, with brighter house lights and reduced noise environments ideal for moviegoers and families whose members are disabled or on the autism spectrum.

The development has been spearheaded by Councilman John Pettis, who has promised the planned eight-acre property will generate sales tax revenue and employment opportunity for residents of Ward 7. Previous plans to develop the property for a residential interest called Bella Mira had fallen through, and while the original horseback riding center will not grace the current residents of Eastern Avenue, there remain a few streets and horseback-related structures as a reminder of previous zoning efforts. It is hoped that the arrival of Warren may render the area more attractive to other commercial developments in the future.

Theaters are usually in need of several printed items, including merchandise, playbills, and poster printing. Patrons enjoy buying souvenirs to remember their experience, but some simply keep the playbill and have the players sign it.