Park Plaza nearing completion

January 10, 2017 by  

The BOK Park Plaza tower in Oklahoma City is now only a few floors short of being a finished project.

J.E. Dunn Construction is responsible for building the tower, which will be 27 stories high, and two garages next door. The company is finishing two stories each month and it should be ready for inside work by July. It also plans to build two more stories to resemble a lantern, which should be done by winter.

According to Bank of Oklahoma’s CEO of Operations in Oklahoma City, John Higginbotham, the branch is set to move house in about a year. Employees from two Oklahoma City locations will transfer to the new building at 499 W Sheridan. The slight majority, 124, will come from the Commerce Center building at 9520 N May Avenue, while 111 will come from the original BOK Plaza at 201 Robert S. Kerr Avenue. The banking area will be on the ground floor of the building totaling 3,000 square feet, making use of electronic banking and ATMs to save space.

Bank employees enjoy watching the building’s construction as it adds to the city’s skyline. They will share the building with Devon Energy, which will occupy a 250,000 square-foot area. The bank has 100,000 square feet including the four highest floors.

Both BOK and Devon Energy will need printed items to reflect their new addresses, such as stationery and business cards. A print company could give them a bulk discount.