Oklahoma City and Amazon team up

May 18, 2017 by  

Internet retailer Amazon has started construction on its new sorting center in Oklahoma City.

The center, located between Council Road and SW 15, will measure 300,000 square feet and cost $3m. According to an email from an Amazon spokeswoman, once the center opens, Oklahoma customers will see faster deliveries. Customer orders will be divided into zip codes in order to make delivery quicker and more available. Later purchase deadlines and service on Sunday is possible.

Amazon wants to open the location before customers start shopping for the winter holidays, but admits that the site is still in its early stages. Amazon also has not yet employed additional crew members to man the center, but plans to hire in the hundreds.

Last year, rumors spread that Amazon would begin conducting business in Oklahoma, and this news suggests that more residents of the state are online shopping. The company and government officials have expressed their excitement. Greater Oklahoma City Chamber spokeswoman Cynthia Reid stated that the Oklahoma Commerce Department, CareerTech, the City of Oklahoma City, and several other organizations worked hard to bring Amazon’s business to the city, and that Amazon will help business and capital investment grow in the long term.

Amazon can use a company with experience in ad specialties to market the open positions at the center once it is ready for applicants.