OKCU takes home national title

April 22, 2017 by  

Last month, the Oklahoma City University (OKCU) women’s basketball team won the 2017 NAIA Division I National Championship in Billings, Montana.

Janae Haag from the small town of Olpe played a major part in Lady Stars’ win over Lewis-Clarke State with a score of 73-66. She commented on how good it felt to win, that the victory had not fully registered yet, and how important success was in her hometown. The Lady Stars also won the championship in 2015, making this the second title they have earned in three years.

Bo Overton, who has been the head coach since the summer of 2015, convinced Haag to play for Oklahoma City University. He believed Haag fit the bill for the team, as she was both a great athlete and student.

Haag chose to play basketball over volleyball because the university had a good program for the sport. Although teammate Daniella Walden was the NAIA Division I Player of the Year, Haag led the team, according to Overton.

Before the game, friends, family, former coaches, and old teammates sent her messages on her phone wishing her luck. After her team won, they sent more messages expressing their joy and pride in her.

To raise money and celebrate this second championship in three years, the university could sell calendars with the victorious team on the cover.