Kratos expanding to OK City

February 9, 2018 by  

U.S. Representative Steve Russell and Governor Mary Fallin announced on January 26 that Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. is putting a new location in Oklahoma City.

Officials expect the expansion to account for the estimated increase in drones and unmanned aerial technology demand. According to to Governor Fallin, the state is a prime destination for the defense and aerospace industry, Kratos wanting to put a location here is evidence of that. The Aerospace Engineering Tax Credit and the Quality Jobs Program that benefit the many individuals trained in engineering and aerospace that live in the area. Combined with how close other defense and international companies are, the city makes an optimal location.

Last year, representatives of the state’s Department of Commerce and U.S. Representative Steve Russell met with Kratos executives, which inspired the company to put Oklahoma City on its radar for expansion. The Unmanned Systems Division president of Kratos commented that military fighter drones are a big part of the company and there has been a substantial increase in sales for the newest technology.

Kratos is an aerospace company with headquarters in California that creates technology for commercial enterprises and the nation’s Department of Defense. It concentrates on cyber security, cyber warfare, satellite communication, missile defense, training and combat systems, unmanned systems, and microwave electronics.

An increase in sales means an increase in the need for sales receipts and other business forms.