Earth Day cleanup planned for Oakland creek

March 20, 2018 by  

Oakland will be marking Earth Day with an event that will help to make a local creek a whole lot cleaner.

Friends of San Leandro Creek has organized an activity that will see volunteers remove litter and other debris from a stretch of the waterway along Hegenberger Blvd. Everyone who wants to come out and help is welcome, as more hands mean more will be cleaned up.

Those who are interested in participating can do so as part of a group or on their own, but everyone who is involved will be asked to sign waivers from both the City of Oakland and Friends of San Leandro Creek. While all ages are invited to join in the work, those under 16 years of age must have an adult with them. Stationery printers in the local area can be counted upon to provide any business forms and other materials needed for an event like this.

Anyone who comes to the cleanup is asked to bring gloves as well as a water bottle and proper footwear. As they might find themselves getting messy, they are also reminded not to wear their best clothes. The organizers will supply vinyl gloves and trash bags.

This day of earth-friendly action will be taking place on April 21 at San Leandro Creek at Hegenberger Blvd. The planner’s website includes more details.