Northvale-area company works with Google Assistant

January 30, 2018 by  

Crestron, a Rockleigh-based company that provides home automation, recently announced it is developing commands for customers to use in conjunction with Google Assistant.

At present, these commands are limited to controlling Crestron lighting controls using ordinary speech, but the company – based just a couple of miles from Northvale – says it will expand voice control techniques.

According to Crestron, it is collaborating with Google on the integration’s second phase, which will allow users to control the entire Crestron home automation system using only voice commands. Homeowners will be able to create lighting for any situation they desire, whether they want to turn off the lights before they go to bed, turn them on in the morning, or dim a chandelier before sitting down to dinner. In order to control Crestron lighting, all users have to do is talk to the closest Google Assistant, and make voice commands such as “turn off the lights in the living room.”

As the Google-Crestron partnership grows, people will be able to control more operations via voice, including security systems, window shades, heating systems, and air conditioning. Crestron believes that its collaboration with Google, a leader in technology, will enable it to provide the outstanding experience its users expect.

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