World Environment Day to be celebrated

June 1, 2012 by  

World Environment Day will be celebrated tomorrow, on June 2, in the Deanwood Community of Washington, D.C. with a day of construction workshops and tours of the first Habitat for Humanity Passive House in the nation’s capital, known as the Empowerhouse. Habitat for Humanity is no doubt using poster printing and flyer printing to inform the local community of this special day and celebration and of its work in general.

The collaborators in the construction of this home were students from the Milano School of International Affairs, Stevens Institute of Technology, the New School for Design at Parsons, and The New School Department of Management and Urban Policy, along with the local government and Habitat for Humanity of Washington, D.C. The Empowerhouse being built is a passive house that consumes 90 percent less energy than a typical house of today’s standards.

This house had its debut at the Solar Decathlon, which was held on the National Mall from the end of September to the beginning of October of last year. The Decathlon was an international competition and its goal was to challenge groups of college students to design, build, and operate solar houses.

Once the competition was concluded, the group from Milano, Parsons , and Stevens decided to take their work one step further and move it to the neighborhood of Deanwood. The house will be enlarged so that two families can live in it, with its planned date of completion date being sometime this fall.

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