Washington ranks third for child-free couples

August 12, 2013 by  

According to the results of a recent survey, Washington DC is the third best place to live in the U.S. for those who do not have any children.

Residents have helped rate the city as a great place to go out, eat good food, and pursue other activities more geared towards adults.

According to the findings by real estate listings website Estately, the city is also perfect for offering great options for travel.

However, it is for those without young ones that the city really ranks highly. It is perhaps unsurprising; with the city a hot bed for career professionals and those looking to rapidly climb the ladder in their chosen profession.

Poster printing here is likely to advertise many more business networking lunches and late hour events than kids clubs and parent-friendly activities.

The capital of the country was beaten into third by two cities which are unsurprisingly destinations for DINK (Dual-income No-kids) couples.

Topping out the list was California’s San Francisco, with the entertainment and financial capital of New York following it up in a close second.

In order to determine the results, Estately took a number of factors into consideration.

Firstly, it looked at those cities that had an unusually low number of children. This figure was then weighted against a number of other criteria. These included the quality of night life, the quality and number of restaurants, the accessibility to travel, and the number of adult-only or adult-favored activities.

Other cities ranking well included Miami Beach, Seattle, and Pittsburgh.