Washington D.C. dentist introduces implants

May 23, 2012 by  

Board Certified Periodontist Dr. Steven N. Rice, who has a private practice in the Washington, D.C. area, recently announced that his office is using denture implants as a method of increasing the amount of time for which dentures can remain viable. His practice is no doubt using flyer printing and poster printing to make his denture-wearing patients aware of this new procedure, thus reducing the number of problems that often occur as a result of loose and traditional dentures, such as loss of bone.

Although the use of dental implants is more expensive than using a full set of dentures, they are often a preferable choice for patients as the way they function and feel is more similar to real teeth. In an attempt to combine the best of both worlds, Dr. Rice uses full dentures with dental implants. The implants do not rest on the gums and are placed in the jaw by means of surgery. This procedure enables the full dentures to snap into place on the implants, where they are supported and secured. Adhesives or pastes are no longer needed to hold the dentures in place and they can remain permanently in the mouth or be removed as usual to be cleaned.

According to Dr. Rice, dental implants tend to be used when only a few teeth are lost in the adult mouth due to gum disease or an accident. When there is a need to replace multiple teeth, dentures are then used, as the price for dental implants for an entire set of teeth can be cost prohibitive.